We all love that fresh off the beach look. Buttt sometimes we want the look without the sand, sunscreen, and heat. To make sure your hair is full of those sexy beach waves we have wrapped up 4 incredibly easy and doable hair hacks to guarantee your locks look you just got a blowout from that salty beachy breeze.  Here are our hair hacks for beach waves.

Braids and Buns

First, for our budget babes we have braids and buns! This no-cost option is super flexible because you have the power. If you’re going for a intense wave, then a french braid is what you’re looking for. The looser the braid is the looser your wave will be. Buns are the same way! You can change up the number of buns you wear for the look you want. It probably sounds crazy, but you can even put socks over the buns to avoid overnight frizz!

Texture Creams

A texture cream does exactly what it says – adds texture to your hair! This is the perfect option for an aspiring beach babe with wet hair in the morning. All you need to do is add a little product to your wet hair and scrunch it up on the ends! Finally, use a diffuser to dry it. The diffuser is perfect because it dries your hair without messing up the waves you just created. A few minutes with the diffuser and you’ll be ready to go!

Sea Salt Spray

Another quick answer for beach waves is sea salt spray. A lot of people think texture creams and sea salt sprays work the same way. However, there are a couple major differences. Sea salt spray works better on damp hair rather than wet. For the best results, dry your hair with a towel first. Next, spray product on your damp hair and let it air dry. No heat required! While there are some amazing sprays out there, you can also DIY it. Just combine 1 TBSP of sea salt, 1 TBSP coconut oil, 1 TBSP leave-in conditioner, and 1 CUP warm water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and you’re ready. Whichever spray you choose, they are both great hair hacks for beach waves!

Oval/Tapered Curling Wands

Of all the hair hacks for beach waves, this is a personal favorite. Oval or tapered curling wands are essential for beach waves. As a result of the unique shape, they create a more natural-looking curl. Since we’re going for a messy beach look, use larger chunks of hair. In addition you can change up the direction of your curls for variety. Finally, spritz a little hairspray so your hard work stays in place and you’re out the door!


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