It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution… Well resolutions you will actually keep. New Year, New you, right? No! We love you and you should too! So instead let’s say: New Year, Better You. With the New Year beginning New Year’s resolutions are all the rage. Haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions yet? No worries, it’s not too late!. It’s time to embrace living fashionably in every way possible. So forget racking your brain with ideas on how to create that “better you.” Everyone here at the headquarters has put their heads together to come up with the top five New Year’s resolutions we should all actually keep.


Give your face a break and embrace your natural beauty! You don’t always have to wear make up, plus your pores will thank you! Wash it off, put on a good face mask, and relax! Alicia Keys started the #NoMakeUp movement and it has been taking the Internet by storm. It can be as easy as not wearing make up on days where you are just running


Make this the year of your best wardrobe! See how long you can go without buying clothes. (I know this is a hard one for us too!) Clean out your closet — yes, get rid of those clothes that you never wear or have worn out. Because you need room for your new clothes! When you do buy clothes, buy investment pieces. Express yourself with these investment pieces by creating multiple looks out of that one article of clothing. Oh, and do not buy what you already own. We’re all guilty of this — take the leap and buy something new, maybe a new color that you usually do not wear. Rose and Orchid are hot colors. For those of you who love black, try olive!


Invest in yourself! It is a popular resolution this year — and we love it! Everyone needs to make and keep this resolution. Learn that new skill you’ve been wanting to. Travel to the place you have been dreaming of. Do what you have always been saying that you are going to do. Live life to the fullest.


Be Active! Everyone always wants to loose weight and exercise more in the new year. We all do this for a few weeks then stop, this year choose a simple resolution that you will be more likely to keep. Exercise twice a week, take yoga class, or join a tennis club. Get your friends to join you, and hold eachother accountable! Try hiking –there are so many beautiful sights to see! Plus, there are so many cute exercise outfits to wear, what more motivation do you need?


Even our fav celebs are sharing their resolutions. Lauren Conrad says to do things that bring you joy and have fun on your days off. While many celebs are choosing resolutions to be healthier in 2017 including Kate Hudson and Miley Cyrus. Speaking of cute work out clothes — we are currently loving Fabletics co-founded by Kate Hudson.

Take these resolutions, modify them to fit you and make it the best year yet!

*Lauren Nicole

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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