Say goodbye to shoeless summers! Every girl knows that burning your feet on scalding hot pavement and trying to dust off sand is so overrated and definitely NOT on-trend. Well, no need to panic because we’ve got 5 summer shoe trends that will have you stylin’ through these hot months.


The classic espadrille has been re-vamped for summer ’17! This trend perfectly fits the latest pattern of timeless staples sneaking out from the back of the closet. In fact, espadrilles are the ultimate semi-casual shoe. Pair them with a flowy summer dress for brunch to avoid the pain of heels but still keep it fun and flirty. On the other hand, throw them on with some distressed high waisted shorts to give a casual cool outfit a little somethin’. Flat and sneaker espadrilles are making their debut just in time for some summer sightseeing. No matter the style, you can’t go wrong with this summer shoe staple.


Mules are every cool girl’s go-to summer shoe. And no– we aren’t talking about that outdated pair your mom wore in the ’90s– we’re talkin’ about that pair you’ve seen Kendall Jenner rockin’. From edgy platforms to chic pointed-toe flats, there’s no doubt you can’t go wrong. They are effortlessly fashion forward and give any outfit that “je ne sais quoi.” No matter what your aesthetic, you’ll have no problem finding the pair for you. For exmaple, embroidery, hardware embellishments, and fur have all been featured on mules which show just how versatile and trendy they are. You won’t want to miss out on this comeback!

Platform Sneakers

When the blazing sun or cobblestone streets of Europe no longer allow for booties; platform sneakers are where it is at! Not only are they super comfy and practical for summer strollin’, they are also perfect for shorter girls during summer. This summer shoe trend is the answer to prayers from short girls everywhere who don’t want the hassle of wearing booties in the summer heat. Don’t worry– platform sneakers have a wide range of heights and can be easily worn by taller girls too! Perfect for a walk on the boardwalk, shopping, and even a music festival, you’ll get plenty of wear out of them. Most of all, they give off a relaxed yet trendy vibe that will make everyone want a pair when they see you crusin’ by.


Slide into summer with the perfect comfort shoe. First of all, they make traveling a breeze with the convenience of taking them off in seconds. Say bye bye to the days of hopping around trying to get your shoe off in the airport security line and then spending an eternity wiggling them back on after. They also solve the universal issue of getting third-degree burns while shuffling through the sand. Think of slides as the slipper of the summer! You’ve seen them on the likes of Gigi Hadid to Rihanna and carried by brands ranging from Puma to Gucci. Slides and summer are due to be an iconic duo.

Wrap Sandals

Looking to add a flirty flair to your summer outfit? Then grab a pair of adorable wrap sandals! Some feature the classic “lace-up” while others feature a newer strappy design. The wrap-up gives a playful vibe and is also super flattering. Plus, you can find styles of every kind from vibrant colors to edgy studded pairs. It’s so easy to get trapped in the denim short and tee cycle during summer but, add some wrap sandals and your outfit will go from bland to babe. Wrap sandals embody everything summer is!

Wearing any of these summer shoe trends will guarantee you a ┬ástylin’ summer! Best of all, almost all of these trends overlap. So, you can find a pair of platform sneaker espadrilles or wrap-up mules to hit peak trend level. No matter your style, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect shoe and having a not so barefoot in the sand summer!

*Nathalie Kourie

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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