Bachelor in Paradise Week 5 – The Review

Alright alright alright. Another week in paradise warrants another sassy, straight to the point comedy filled review. This week felt more like a soap opera and not even the good kind. 

First off let’s start with how the first hour of the show on Sunday was the girls who aren’t in “relationships” “worrying” about what they were going to do when they were the ones giving roses. Very pointless to worry if I do say so myself.

Second, the Samantha/Joe drama continued on when DAN decided he’s into Samantha and is going to tell her all the things wrong with Joe. Anddd how he’s better than Joe and the best part is that she LISTENED AND JOE WENT HOME. It’s like Joe got his karma for hurting Juelia, buttt now we hate Samantha just as much because she’s a “sneaky little brown noser with a hidden agenda” (#tbt to the Lizzie McGuire movie anyone!?) 

After that everything was pretty routine. Roses were given, new people showed up, people broke up and the golden relationships stayed golden. 

And then there came Jaclyn. Some girl from Bens season who I believe is PRE- Shawn Lowe so is she even relevant anymore??? She came in with a vengeance to wreck everything up and almost got what she wanted by trying to ask Jared on a date. But before she can finish here comes Ashley I. with a surprise but not surprise overnight date that she not so surprisingly asks Jared on. Ashley is trying very hard to keep Jared and this overnight date may or may not be the best or worst night of her life…

Can’t wait until the finale next week!!!

*AdrinaRose Media Team

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