Summer is in full swing and that means for the next few months you’ll be in the hot sun, laying out by the pool, or spending time at the beach. But what appropriate makeup products do you wear during these activities? Don’t worry babes, we have the best summer beauty products for a day filled with sunshine, water and outdoor activities!


Wear a foundation that has sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun the whole day! It’ll keep your face feeling light since you won’t have to put on sunscreen in addition to your makeup. The sun protection is all in the makeup!


Let’s face it, when you’re jumping in the pool or swimming in the ocean, the first thing to start dripping down your face is your mascara. Try a waterproof mascara! It’ll stay on your lashes the entire time you’re out, Plus, you won’t have to re-apply your makeup after your day at the beach!


Because of the hot weather in the summertime, it’s easy for your skin to quickly get dry especially for those who are in the desert or mountain areas. Put on a lightweight moisturizer in the morning before applying makeup. This beauty product will keep your skin healthy and happy throughout the hot season!


Finally, grab a lipstick that has SPF already in it! You can wear a cute color to last the entire day and it will also protect your lips from getting sunburned! Your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, so pucker up and protect those babies.

These beauty products will keep you feeling your best this summer, trust us you can’t survive these hot months without these beauty must-haves.

*Maggie Philen

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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