Whether you’re in a longterm relationship or on to your latest fling, it can be easy to get in the flow of take out and with a side of Netflix & chill. Trust us when we say no one likes a bore, and we know you #FTcrew are not a bore, and your relationship shouldn’t be either. Sooo the love gurus at AdrinaRose Media created this list of the perfect date night ideas any relationship can use to relight a spark.

Rock a Bold Lip

Bold, colorful lips are the ultimate beauty trend of the moment, scratch that, yes a natural look is great. Buttt let’s be honest a bold lip is good all year round. So next time you go on a date, channel your inner T-Swift and make a statement with a new lip color. A good bright or dark lip will make you feel confident and brighten up the room as soon as you walk in.

Spritz on Perfume

Whether you wear perfume everyday or not, spraying on a little something something is a great way to feel different on date night. If you never wear perfume just spritz a little bit on your wrists and neck. If you typically do wear perfume try changing it up with a new scent. Not only will it catch your man’s attention, but more importantly you’ll feel refreshed and out of your normal date night routine!

Surprise Each Other

The most fun dates are those with a little mystery, so next date night don’t waste time asking each other  “where do you wanna go?” Take control and plan a surprise filled night for your man. Keep your destination a secret until you get there. Surprise your bae with tickets to see their fav band or lead them to a beautifully planned out dinner. The suspense will make the night that much more fun. Plus, they’ll feel appreciative over the thought you put into planning the perfect date. date-night-ideas-IN

Share Something Sweet

Grab your sweetheart and hit up the go-to sweet spot in town next date night or try out the newest dessert trend. Either way, sharing a dessert can be a fun and flirty way to be romantic and make your tastebuds happy. So don’t forget about the chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, or ice cream next time you try to sweeten up date night! 7-Ways-to-Spice-Up-Your-Date-Night-In-1

Heat Things Up a Bit

Take your sweetie to the beach and set up a bonfire. Make sure to grab a blanket and all things necessary for s’mores. You can get cozy and cuddle up to your bae while sharing these perfect fireside treats. As a result, this comfy date will make feel warm and confident about your relationship. 7-Ways-to-Spice-Up-Your-Date-Night-In-3

Learn Something New Together

Taking on a new challenge together is a fun and exciting way to take you and your man out of your comfort zone. Plus, it will strengthen your relationship. Try taking a couples cooking class or art lessons, and work togther to create something. You’ll be able to test each other and play off of eachother’s strengths and weaknesses. Who knows, maybe you will find something new that you love doing together! 7-Ways-to-Spice-Up-Your-Date-Night-In-4

Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been Before

Explore the world together! Take a drive to that place you have always wanted to go or find a destination and plan a getaway just for the two of you. The fact that the location of date night is out of the norm will make it feel like a special occasion! Also, it will make the whole event more exciting for the both of you. Sharing new experiences and discovering new places will up the romance and bring your relationship even closer.

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