Hello beautiful! Do you ever feel like some days it’s tough to get out of bed and feel motivated to live your best life? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. The AdrinaRose Media Team cares about you and your mental health. That’s why we’ve complied the most perfect and doable guide to good mental health! Take some notes and be inspired!


First of all, take the time to exercise a little bit every day. Whether that’s walking your dogs or swimming after a long day at work or school, being active is important for your mental health. Sometimes, when you have a lot of things on your mind, it feels good to release the tension and focus on something else for a while.

Eat Your Breakfast!

Wake up an extra 30 minutes early and prepare a healthy and yummy breakfast for yourself. Fruits have lots of vitamins we should be eaten every day. Eggs have a lot of protein that’s good for gaining strength. Oatmeal is a good source of fiber. Research easy recipes online and take the time to eat before your day starts. Eating first thing in the morning gives you energy. When you have energy, you have a greater chance of maintaining good mental health and approaching your day with a positive attitude!

Clean Your Room!

Sometimes, leaving clutter in your room clutters your mind. Studies show that when you clean your room before you sleep, it’s easier to sleep peacefully. Organizing and decorating your room is also a good way to express yourself and maintain good mental health. Find cute candles, picture frames, pieces of furniture, or decorative pillows that reflect your personality. Your room should feel comfortable and personal, like a safe haven you can escape to when your day is done.

Get Some Sleep!

Sleep is the best gift you can give your mind and body. Having a consistent bed time and sleeping at least nine and a half hours is a great way to make sure that you stay healthy and happy. Sometimes you have to meet deadlines, finish assignments, or study for your exams the next day, but losing sleep is not the answer to success in any of those tasks. You deserve to be alert, energetic, and healthy every day! Manage your time well and prioritize during the day so you have enough time to sleep at night.

Take the Time to Appreciate the Good in Life!

Finally, there are so many beautiful things about our world and our lives. Take the time to think about five positive things in your life every morning. You might even want to set up a cork board next to your bed with pictures of things, people, places, or memories that make you happy to be alive! While life may seem hard at times, there are so many reasons to be happy. Recognize those reasons and remind yourself of them during the good and the bad.

*Andrea Oxley

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