After you’ve experienced communal showers, an extreme lack of beauty sleep, and dirty laundry rooms this semester, it’s pretty safe to say college is totally not the most glamorous experience. It’s a very easy to get caught up in the opposite-of-chic living to say the least. The AdrinaRose Media Team has compiled a list of health tips and alternatives so that you stay on track for those celeb body goals of yours!!!

STOP! Salad first

One of the easiest ways to avoid the infamous “Freshman Fifteen” is easing into those meals. Drink a glass of water and make a salad before diving into the same chicken your cafeteria makes every. single. day., and you’ll be getting that Gigi Hadid bod in no time.

Toasted Shredded Coconut instead of Candy

The ABSOLUTE must-have snack for the dorm of any gal with a constant sweet-tooth! This heaven-in-a-bag is super filling, and not half as bad for you as indulging in half a jar of Nutella… Believe me, we’ve all been there.

Seaweed Chips instead of Lay’s

Yes, it is absolutely *yuck* to be surrounded by it in the ocean, but it’s actually yummy to eat. Seaweed has been proven to reduce inflammation, thanks to all its nutrients. While the Woodstock Farms brand is my personal fav, you can get your seaweed fix from just about any market.

Buh-Bye to Whole Milk

You can keep treating yourself to those Starbucks lattes, girl. Just ASK FOR SOY MILK INSTEAD. Soy milk promotes weight loss and prevents tons of health issues! It tastes exactly the same as whole milk in your coffee, I swear.

Pomegranate Seeds

A sure-fire snack for anyone not wearing white… those things will stain, let me tell you.

Rice Cakes instead of Caf Cookies

Put those oatmeal cookies down and spread some peanut butter over a couple of rice cakes. No questions asked.

Above all, radiate positivity and watch your loveliness shine through! Stay beautiful, #FTcrew.

*Alexa Balint

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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