How to be Kim Kardashian famous? Sounds like a big question. Well, our fav reality star just spilled on how she got to where she is today.

Love this look. I break it down on my app!

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Kim K. sat down with her BFF, Jonathan Cheban, to give everyone the inside scoop on their friendship. The chat session was recorded for Kim’s website and app (obvi, she has to make her money one way or another) and showed the two sitting down to answer questions submitted by fans about their relationship.


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Overall, the 5:44 video was a bit boring, however there was one part that really stuck out. Many would say that Kim being the mega celebrity she is, and Jonathan being the PR maven he is, are a match made in business heaven. Well, they are! Luckily for all of you trying to get Instagram famous, the two revealed some key pointers on how to be a professional popular person. We would like to introduce to you the guide on how to be Kim Kardashian famous. Yup, we just went there.


  1. Do not talk to paparazzi.
  2. Stop smiling and shield your eyes with some shades.
  3. Do not act star struck, and keep it cool when you meet other celebs.
  4. Drive that pretty little attention grabbing white Range Rover back to the dealership. Want to be famous? Swap it out for a black one.
  5. Always be ready and look amazing when the paparazzi start flashing their cameras.
  6. Before doing anything think, “What would Victoria Beckham do?”

There you have it. If the Kim Kardashian famous guide won’t get you those extra followers and likes… well then we have no idea what will!

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