Getting over a break-up? We never liked him anyway… Here are our tips and tricks on how to get over a break-up.

Work Out

Maybe you’re angry… And that is more than okay. This is the perfect motivation to WORK IT OFF. break-up-work-out

Start Conversations

You know you want to speak to that eye candy in front of you, or maybe a potential new best friend… the best way to kick off new beginnings is to meet new people to spend them with. convo-break-up


Laying in bed and eating Ben & Jerry’s is only acceptable for so long. Push your butt (hopefully you’ve been doing your squats) out of bed and go for a walk. Jam to music or go to a dog park. MAKE EVERY DAY AN EVENT. alone-break-up

Treat Yourself

Don’t stray away from change! Cut your hair, GLAM UP with a new eyeshadow palette for absolutely no reason. You deserve it. glam-break-up


Weeks from now you’ll feel better and you’ll look back at what you wrote in the past and realize how much you’ve grown! YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE INDEPENDENT, AND YOU DON’T NEED NO MAN. journal-break-up


You know what they say… New wardrobe, new beginnings! I’ve actually never heard anyone say that but it makes sense. shop-break-up

Beach Day

A super fun getaway for those in SoCal because as you may know, winter doesn’t exist here. beach-break-up

Seek Advice from a Wise Older Lady

May she be your mom, grandma, or neighbor, she has probs experienced this stuff too. Who knows, someday you’ll be able to be that older lady figure for someone down the line… ***shudders*** did somebody say “getting old???” older-woman-break-up


Go on journeys that you wouldn’t otherwise—make a list tons of things to look forward to in the next month… not necessarily with people. adventure-break-up

Don’t LOOK for Something Romantic

Be yourself girl! Remember that you are strong, beautiful, and deserve more than you think. happy-break-up


*Alexa Balint

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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