It’s here! Kim Kardashian released her new makeup line and we are so excited to check out what Kim has in store for her KKW BEAUTY products! This exclusive line will leave you feeling fabulous, and the AdrinaRose Media Team wants to give you a few reasons as to why you should be fired up for the new collection!


Kim’s makeup line focuses on crème contour and highlight kits! She’s leaving the expertise of lip kits to her sister, Kylie, and shows off her own skill in contouring and highlighting! Back in April, Kylie and Kim released a lip kit together. It’s a four piece crème liquid lipstick collection, and it’s now sold with Kim’s makeup kit!

KKW X KYLIE Crème lipsticks are available now at KKWBEAUTY.COM

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Kim throws some major shade with her new makeup line, but in a good way! The beauty icon supplies four shades to buy for both the crème contours and highlights. Buyers can choose between light, medium, dark and deep dark shades depending on which one fits them best! So find which shade works well for you to have the best contour and highlighter this year!


Kim really knows how to make our makeup experience incomparable to anything else! Each of the contour sticks and highlighters are dual-ended. If you use the product from both ends, you get the perfect amount of contour and highlight lasting the whole year! Also with the highlighter, one side is matte and one side is shimmery. So depending on the day and occasion, you can choose between a sleek matte highlight or a summery shimmer! To top it off, each makeup kit comes with a dual-ended blending brush and sponge to make sure that the contour and highlight blend perfectly into your makeup, since this is something all the Kardashian sisters do so well!

All of the KKW BEAUTY products can be found here! There’s a kit with your name written all over it, go buy it and let us know how much you love your new KKW BEAUTY contour and highlighter!

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