This fall season, it’s time to be thankful for the little things in life. The little adorable staple necklaces that is! Whether layered, mixing metals, or just a single thin necklace, a dainty necklace is the perfect accessory to add a little pop to any outfit. We’re here to let you know the best way to work these trends this season. Remember, the famous words from Iris Apfel we live by #FTcrew!

“More is more and less is a bore.”

Plus, it doesn’t look intense even if you have tons on so layer is a-okay!!! Check out our fav ways to mixing and matching these dainty necklaces below!

switch up your combination of chain + charms ✨ layer it on

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Metal Mixing

My first personal favorite way to wear my necklaces for this season is to metal mix — with both silver and gold, or gold and rose gold, or all three! It’s a fun way to be able to wear all your favorite pieces! Hint hint, it’s the ultimate way to spice up a date night look! Think black dress, thigh high boots, and dainty necklaces in all different metals.

Single Strand

If you are more of a simple girl then this is the look for you. A single necklace adds just the right amount of spark to your outfit. I love to wear a turtleneck and layer my dainty necklace above. Regardless if you have on a patterned dress, single-colored sweater, or just a jean shirt –a single stranded necklace will definitely add a dainty flare!

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Layer them on baby! There are no rules when it comes to fashion, so have fun! The best way to embrace the layered look is by wearing 2-4 at a time. Insider tip: make sure all you necklaces are different lengths so each one is visible, and they don’t get tangled.

Regardless if you love layering these pieces or just wearing a single strand at a time. Embrace your inner Iris Apfel and work those accessories. Plus, they make for perfect gifts!

Lucky for you, we’ve got our favorite staple necklaces available to buy right on this post! I know, you can thank us later.

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