We know the #FTcrew is full of bada** #girlbosses who lead busy lives and are on top of it 24/7, so the team here at the AdrinaRose Media Headquarters has come up with some tips on how to create a chic office design that will help you to keep killing the game!

Save The Date

Being a girl boss involves balancing the most hectic of schedules, but don’t worry #FTcrew! It can all be handled by keeping an organized schedule! Get a cute agenda to carry with you on the go and to take to meetings for when you need to write down a date or a reminder in a rush. Keep a calendar on your desk at home too so you don’t forget those important dates!


Put a Pin in it

It is so easy to let those little details slip your mind. Have a memo board where you can pin up any important reminders or to do lists and you will always be on top of things! Keeping a planner is great, but by hanging quick reminders on the wall right where you will be sure to see them, you will guarantee you won’t forget to make that phone call or to get to your meeting on time.


File it Away

Who doesn’t hate having a giant stack of papers on their desk? With a nice file or letter organizer your papers can be sorted and actually feel more manageable. Categorize them into groups of what you are currently working on, what needs to be done, what is ready to go, and any other important papers you need to keep around. Decluttering and organizing your papers in this way will make it much easier for you to keep your head on straight and get those urgent things accomplished so you can spend less time stressin and more time slaying!


Cups and Trays

Nothing is worse than a cluttered desktop or desk drawer. Having some cute trays and cups to hold all of those office odds and ends will upgrade your office aesthetic and keep you from going crazy over clutter. Also, having a space to hold your writing utensils will prevent you wondering where that runaway pencil went.


Sweet Supplies

Why not make work a little fun? With great looking pens, pencils, and other supplies you will feel more excited to put in those long hours and rule like the girl boss you are! We here at AdrinaRose Media definitely feel the benefits of writing in style!

*Sachi Aguillio

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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