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Here at AdrinaRose TV we are all about reinventing fashion and that is exactly what Sintillia does! Anne Zanussi has taken a longtime fashion trend and recreated it to be wearable in today’s culture. Through her company she has inspired countless to travel and embrace adventure all while wearing stylish sunnies and celebrating life.

Q. Who is Anne Zanussi?

A. I love everything fashion and travel! Before Sintillia, I graduated from California Lutheran University with a Business major and later moved back to Shanghai, China for a second time to learn the language.


Q. What is Sintillia?

A. Sintillia is a line of sunglass straps that reinvents the old eyewear retainers your Dad would wear, into a statement-making accessory that also protects your sunglasses from being dropped or left behind. It’s a great addition to any sunny outfit! Whether you’re traveling, beach bummin’, or going to music festivals, Sintillia is an accessory with both function & flare.


Q. What inspired you to create Sintillia?

A. I was inspired for Sintillia by the intersection for my love of fashion and the practical side that grew tremendously from my travels. On top of that, I’ve always been a sunglass fanatic, but have been fabulous at misplacing or letting them drop to the ground when forgetting I rested them on top of my head. I wanted to design something that was fashionable but also functional. Music festivals were a big part of the inspiration and knowing how sunglasses were always a part of everyone’s attire. I was really unable to find a fashionable version of a croakie that someone going to a music festival would actually want to wear, which is when I discovered a big hole in the market.


Q. What was the process like of starting your own company?

A. At the time both my boyfriend and I had been living a little over a year in China. So I had to decide to pack my bags and move back to my parent’s house so I could invest my savings in starting the business. I feel lucky to have had a successful first year of business, and although I have never worked harder at anything in my life, I still do not feel like I have a job because I love it so much. My boyfriend has now decided to leave his job abroad behind and has relocated back to help me with the business.


Q. You are reinventing a fashion trend, what has the response been like?

A. The most rewarding part is seeing people’s reaction when they come across our brand and comment on how glad they are to see fashionable versions of sunglass straps, which are often a very needed accessory, but not always something that was considered fashionable.


Q. Where do you see you and your company going in the next five years?

A. In the next five years I want to grow across more stores internationally and really focus on expanding in other countries. This summer we were proud to see our products start to be offered in stores in Belgium, Australia, Japan and Mexico.


Q. Where can Sintillia straps be bought?

A. Our full line is available at our website and is also offered in boutiques across the country. Most recently, we are proud to announce we are now available in Billabong at the Universal Studios location in Florida.


Q. How many different styles of Sintillia straps are there?

A. Currently we have 19 styles.


Q. Which Sintillia strap is your favorite?

A. I’ve always loved the Feather Drop, but close for first, is the new style we just released this week called the Barre Backlace.


Q. A part of your goal is to inspire people to travel the world. Where have Sintillia straps been spotted?

A. Sintillia is a sunny brand and one that we want to inspire people to travel as much as possible and explore the world. We have a look book called, Following The Sun, Traveling The World that has some of the countries we have had people take pictures in wearing Sintillia.


Q. Number one piece of fashion advice?

A. Be creative! Keep people guessing. Just because it’s not out there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it.


Q. Number one piece of #GirlBoss advice?

A. At the end of each day don’t rely on other people to make you feel empowered or satisfied. Get energy from your own accomplishments and use that as fuel to work harder and become more determined.



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