Q+A, Kaylen Morrison of Krown

Krown is a headpiece and jewelry company based out of Orange County! Kaylen Morrison, Krown founder & CEO showed me some of her designs and told me all about what it took to get her dream company started!


Q. What was like like before Krown?

A. Before Krown, I was in finance for 7 years, which had nothing to do with fashion at all. I wasn’t too happy with finance so I decided to make a big life change and that was how Krown was born.

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Q. How was Krown started?

A. My inspiration behind Krown was a pair of Christian Louboutin Swarovski crystal pumps. I really wanted a pair of my own, but I couldn’t afford them, so I decided to make my own. I hand glued 13 thousand crystals on a pair of boots. That got me into designing more things, which led into Krown’s beginning.


Q. You have many different collections, from Cowboys to Fairytales. How do you go about designing all of these different styles on your own?

A. It all started with the Royals Collection because I love crystals. I think it makes girls feel pretty and like a princess. So we started with just the crystal ones and that led into branching in different areas such as Coachella, flowers, feathers, bridal and Indian beads.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.08.10 PMQ. Krown is not spelt the traditional way. Is that because of how you spell your name?

A. Yes it is! Krown with a K for Kaylen!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 8.58.32 AMQ. You have over 70 pieces, each with their own individual name. How do you come up with these names?

A. Each of the names for my pieces are inspired by my family and friends, as well as inspiration I find from music and movies. I really look to music for inspiration since I am a DJ on the side, so seeing different artist’s looks and hearing different sounds inspires me to create a piece and I’ll name it after them.

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Q.  You design each piece; you make each piece, as well as run your own company. How do you wear so many hats?

A. I just do it. I think because I am so passionate about it, and how much people gravitate towards Krown, it gives off so much positive energy that it helps me to make it work and keep going, and going. There’s definitely times where it is tough, don’t get me wrong, especially with being your own business starting off so small, but I gotta go for it!

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Q. Your company is barely a year old, how’s it been?

A.  It is a lot of hard work. I started off doing just events, and just continuously selling, putting the money back into the business, and eventually I was able to open up this kiosk. We’ve been here since August, and it’s done extremely well and has allowed me to move the company even further and allowed me to venture into bigger things such as wholesale and selling in department stores.

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Q. You have been getting some celebrity notification, tell me about who is wearing your designs?

A. My first celebrity press was Selena Gomez and that was really exciting for us. We couldn’t have asked for a more cool, young celebrity to wear it. Instagram worked in my favor- her hairstylist found me on Instagram and contacted me and asked if I wanted to give some pieces to Selena and literally a week later she was wearing them. That led to Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Hyland, Aubrey O’Day, as well as bunch of models.

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Q. Where do you see Krown going in the future?

A. I want Krown to be a lifestyle brand. Anytime you see a girl wearing a headpiece, I want people to be like “Oh my gosh, she’s wearing a Krown, it’s so cute!” I want to grow it into a big brand. I want to explore other areas such as jewelry, and even designing certain dresses which I am already in the works with.Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.14.12 PM


Want to feel like royalty with your very own Krown?!?! Head over to the ‘Contact’ page, fill out the form with your info, and you may win a Krown!

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