Q+A, Kristee Vetter on Being a YouTube Star

Here at AdrinaRose TV, we love using YouTube to find fun make up tutorials, viral videos and videos that just make us laugh! We recently got a chance to sit down for a chat with Kristee Vetter,  a college girl/successful YouTuber. She covers everything make up tutorials to DIYs to giving advice on handling college to even making some pretty hysterical videos that we just can’t get enough of. Sooo here’s a little window into the life of YouTuber, Kristee Vetter.


Q. Who is Kristee Vetter?

A. I’m just your typical 20-year-old college student pretending to be an adult studying Political Science and Peace Studies while simultaneously having an unhealthy obsession with Frozen who happened to pick up a camera a few years ago.


Q. What topics do you discuss on your YouTube channel?

A. My channel has definitely grown and changed with me, so it started out as a beauty channel focused on makeup and fashion back in 2010, but now it is more of a lifestyle channel with episodes on everything from DIYs to organization to even college advice! I also have a second channel for vlogs, which are more personal bits of my day to day life which are a lot of fun to make, as they act as a video diary for me to look back on! I try to make content that is both helpful and entertaining for people watching.


Q. How did you get your start as a YouTuber?

A. I actually discovered the YouTube beauty community by accident when I was looking up reviews for a tinted moisturizer I wanted. After discovering beauty videos I became hooked, and after watching them nonstop for a few weeks during the summer before my sophomore year in high school, I decided to make my own! The first few videos were definitely rough as I started to get the hang of YouTube, but they sure are hilarious to watch now!


Q. How do you choose your topics?

A. Making YouTube videos is definitely a seasonally driven job, which is pretty funny. Certain videos are extremely popular depending on the time of year, for example at the end of the summer throughout July and August, people love watching back to school videos, so that’s what I focus on! Also sometimes I will randomly get ideas that I am so excited about that I HAVE to make a video right then and there. I get inspiration everywhere: viewer requests, magazines, even classes sometimes!


Q. What’s your favorite topic to cover on your channel?

A. My favorite videos to make are definitely my college advice videos, mostly because that is the topic most relevant to my life right now. I get great feedback from people saying that they find the videos to be very helpful when they’re preparing for college, and nothing makes me happier than interacting with them and making their transition into college a little bit easier!


Q. Do your subscribers recognize you and come talk to you when you’re out and about? If so, what’s that like?

A. Yes, actually I do run into subscribers sometimes! Usually I meet them in more crowded public places like at the mall or Disneyland. Meeting subscribers is such an unbelievable and rewarding feeling. To be able to put a face to the usernames behind the supportive comments and sweet messages I receive is amazing. I wish I could meet all 300,000 of them!


Q. What’s your favorite thing about being a YouTuber?

A. The best part of being a YouTuber is being able to interact, although mostly virtually, with such a wide variety of different people from all over the world that I would not have had the opportunity to otherwise. Meeting subscribers in person is one of the best parts of YouTube for me, but the fact that people on the other side of the world are even aware of my existence just from stumbling upon one of my videos is pretty amazing too.


Q. What are your plans for your channel?

A. I’m not much of a long-term planner, especially when it comes to YouTube, but for now I’m just enjoying making videos while I can because I know it won’t last forever. I plan to have fun and try to make the best content I can while my channel changes as I grow up.


Q. What’s your favorite video you’ve ever done?

A. My favorite video I have ever done was probably “Things Beauty Gurus DON’T Say” which I made a while back as more of a lighthearted comedy video poking fun at beauty gurus like myself and the trends among the beauty community.  I got great feedback on that video and it motivated me to add more of my personality into my usual videos.


Q. Any advice for others out there who want to get into YouTubing?

A. I would say the most important part of finding success on YouTube is being consistent and being creative. You will gain much more of a loyal following by making unique and genuine videos rather than videos that you make just because you think they will get a lot of hits. If you have good intentions and just have fun with it, the views will follow.

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