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Today it seems like everyone is either on a dating app or an app where you can meet new people. However, we have all heard or maybe even experienced ourselves, #scary, those totally terrifying catfish moments and nightmare dates. Well say bye bye to those days because entrepreneur Matt Crown has created an app that pretty much trumps Tinder, Bumble, and the dreaded OkCupid.

Yup, and along with creating the new IT social app, Klique has been getting some major celeb attention. Oh yeah, and did we mention that their mascots are his famous pet monkeys?!?!


Q. What is Klique?

A. Perfecting the group social experience, Klique enables groups of people who are simply drawn to each other within a geo-specific radius to have group-to-group chat conversations that seamlessly lead to group meet-ups. The innovative application offers a modernized platform that allows users to make connections in a group setting, relieving the anxieties of one-on-one “blind” connections.

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Q. What sparked the idea of Klique?

A. I realized that this technology-based generation still craves organic opportunities to make new contacts. Klique’s group networking platform allows users to meet in a way that feels natural and comfortable, mimicking the organic process. 

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Q. Were there any hardships when creating the app? If so, what were they?

A. Absolutely. The hardest part is nailing development. There are always slight bugs and things that can go wrong. Having the team on standby ready to fix any problems on the fly has been extremely important as we started scaling.

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Q. How did you feel when the app became a reality?

A. It was an incredible feeling hearing stories of groups of people matching and meeting up. The whole goal is to take people out of the virtual world of social media and have them meet up in person instead.



Q. You touched on it being safe, but can you elaborate on how this group app is being monitored, safety wise?

A. The popular other match and chat apps out there are all based on individuals. After doing several focus groups in Miami at the colleges here, we realized a lot of girls are using other platforms but safety was their biggest concern. Klique solves this problem, by having users chat and meet in a group setting.

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Q. How has the startup impacted  your own social life or relationships?

A. Having a startup is extremely time consuming and there are a huge amount of hurdles you need to overcome. It’s a seven day a week obligation and in an industry that is changing at such a rapid pace you need to be on the pulse at all times.

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Q. How is the marketing strategy going for Klique?

A. Our marketing strategy is going great. We were in beta in just Miami for several months before opening the app up to the country. We learned a great deal from our beta users here & tweaked the app accordingly before launching it nationally.

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Q. It is all over your Instagram that you have some famous pet monkeys, tell us about the little celebs you have living with you.

A. We have two finger monkeys that live with us that have a massive following on social media. I always wanted a finger monkey since I was a kid, so we got one and then eventually got a second one to keep the other company. We decided to make a social media account for them and they had multiple videos go viral that were reposted by celebrities with massive followings on social media. It ended up being our best way of marketing the app because when people discover Diddy Kong & Tiny Kong they also see Klique. They have multiple celebrities following their Instagram account and they keep growing every day.

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Q. What is the overall goal of your company?

A. Our goal is to create the leading group social app. This is a new space and we are looking  forward to leading and watching it evolve.


Q. Where do you see the company in five years?

A. In five years, we see ourselves leading the space. There are so many other features that we want to add to Klique in the future.


Q. What is one piece of advice you would give to entrepreneurs looking to begin their first start-up?

A. Get a minimal viable product out and test product acceptance in a beta market before spending the time and money developing something. Make sure the idea works so you don’t waste time and can pivot quickly.

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