Q+A, Stephi Maron of Blushington

Blushington is the hottest makeup and beauty bar on the West Coast… and soon to be on the East Coast. I sat down with Blushington founder & CEO Stephi Maron to chat about everything Beauty!


Q. What is Blushington?

A. Well Blushington was started about 3 years ago; it’s a make up and beauty lounge. You can come in and get your makeup done by professional makeup artists, and get great makeup, great waxing, tinting, we do at-homes, and we do classes. It’s really a fun environment where it’s all about you!

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Q. What inspired your fun girly color palette?

A. I worked with Josh Heitler who helped design Dry Bar. I wanted something that was girly and traditional, but I also wanted something with a modern twist to it. Josh is a phenomenal architect and he would bring in these little touches, like the chandeliers, which have a modern and traditional twist.

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Q. All of your locations are next to or near a Dry Bar, is there a work relationship between you two?

A. There is no relationship, but there is a good neighborly, friendly partnership, you can say. They are great neighbors to have and they let us know if there is a space next door to them.

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Q. What is the experience like walking into Blushington?

A. So when you walk into Blushington, we would check you in of course. Then once your with you’re makeup artist they can show you the look book, and you can choose from six different looks or you can bring in pictures and customize your own look. It’s really customized to customer needs, so every makeup application is different! It’s what you want, so when you walk out of here you feel confident and beautiful, and you still look like yourself, and your not walking out looking like you are completely different!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.25.13 AMQ. What are some of the looks you can find in the look book?

A. There’s on the go, you can do eyes-only which is the hardest part, there’s the full-face makeup application ($45), which is 30-45 minutes. You can get anything from a pure and simple look to a smoke and mirrors, you can customize any of them. One of our most popular looks is the smoke and mirrors mixed with the simply glowing, people like the simply glowing skin and the smoke and mirrors eyes together.

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Q. Blushington even has services for little girls, right?

A. We do! It’s called the Sweet Pea, its really cute! We have little girls come in before they have dance recitals, or we get mother-daughter duos, or even little girls who just want a little lip gloss. It’s for 12 & under for $10.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.19.07 AMQ. Unlike department stores, Blushington doesn’t push products?

A. We don’t pressure people into buying products. The artists use products that really work on that persons skin, and the products sell themselves. Here it’s more about the application than it is about selling products.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 3.41.13 PMQ. Tell me about your motto?

A. “Feeling Pretty is Priceless!” I just kind of woke up one day, and was like Blushington should be the motto “Feeling Pretty is Priceless!” because when you walk in and get your makeup application, you automatically feel confident, you automatically feel beautiful. When I’m walking around I see women, they stand up straight and they got their confidence on, that for me I think is priceless.

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Q. As a woman entrepreneur what was the hardest part of creating Blushington?

A. I think the hardest part is that I’ve never done it before! I’ve learned more doing this than I’ve ever learned going to college and high school and middle school and elementary school! Each day there’s a challenge and an obstacle, but it’s so fun and it makes it exciting!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.29.08 AMQ. You have three locations now, are there any plans to open more in the future?

A. We are looking for a fourth location, which will be on the East Coast, and I’m so excited!!!

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Do you want to experience Blushington like a real VIP?!?! Head over to the ‘Contact’ page, fill out the form with your info, and you may win a free full-face makeup application at Blushington!

-Photos: Stephanie Yang photography

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