*Selena Gomez Stars in Netflix Original*


Selena Gomez is making another revival, and this time it involves our fav past-time, Netflix.

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Before the famed Revival singer hit it big on the radio, she was winning over our hearts on the big screen with some of our fav movies from the ‘00s. Does Another Cinderella Story ring a bell? Anddd don’t forget the timeless role that started it all, Barney and Friends. Well get ready to add another favorite, Selena is headed back to set.

Yesterday, Netflix released a new original movie called The Fundamentals of Caring starring Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts, and our girl, Selena. The movie follows the adventures of a caregiver (Paul) and his eighteen-year-old, not-so-charming ward (Craig) as they embark on a wild road trip, picking up a stray (Selena) along the way. 

The movie has a quirky sense of humor, and the trailer has revealed some memorable one-liners, especially from Selena’s character. Selena is the queen of sass, so this new role should be no problem for her. The film has gotten great reviews already from sources like Variety and IMDB, and let’s just say we’ve already watched it twice!

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