The woman behind those famous round glasses, no I am not talking about Queen Anna Wintour #FTcrew. I am actually talking about the badas* girl boss behind Sew Sketchy. The famed Instagram page home to countless jaw-dropping fashion forward drawings, all created by the woman behind those famous round glasses. While I got the chance to chat with the New York fashionista, she likes to keep her identity hidden behind those big sunnies. So we will refer to her as the name her thousands of fans know her by, Sew Sketchy. Oh and did I mention she is the amazing artist behind the sketch we used to announce AdrinaRose Media?! Yup, she is pretty damn fabulous!

Q. Who is Sew Sketchy? 

A. Sew Sketchy is a New York fashionista with a really sassy attitude. She is an illustrated virtual icon with a unique voice in the fashion industry. As the first ever cartoon fashionista commentator, such influence has transformed Sew Sketchy into an innovative open marketing channel for fashion brands, who want this virtual “it girl” draped in their latest looks showcasing it to her fashionista followers. She is the only fashion illustrated icon that says hilarious and border line obnoxious things as she navigates through the tough luxurious fashion world. ss-1

Q. What’s the story behind your iconic sunglasses?

A. My sunglasses are my staple accessory and I can’t leave the house with out them. When I was interning at Vogue as a toddler, Anna Wintour told me to never take them off. ss-2

Q. Who is your fashion icon?

A. Anna Dello Russo is my spirit animal, Iris Apfel is my accessories Guru, and Andre Leon Talley’s personality feeds my fashion soul.

Q. Do you have any artists that you admire? If so, who?

A. I love artists who have a very special way of mocking things. I’m obsessed with Mr. Brainwash. One time he asked me if I had a lighter while I was waiting for a table at Bar Pitti in the west village, and I nearly fainted.

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Q. What fashion brands inspire you?

A. I have an addiction with Valentino. That brand touches my fashion core. I’m obsessed with their brand voice that they carried out through the 60’s all the way up until today. The admiration and love I have for Mr. Garavani is beyond something I can explain. I’ve watched the Last Emperor maybe 100 times, and I still cry every single time. One of my main goals in life is to own every single rockstud shoe they have ever made and to hopefully shake his hand one day and say I love you! 33-4

Q. How has social media influenced your brand?

A. My brand was born on social media. With out it, Sew Sketchy would have never been known to the world, she would have just stayed in my sketch book. I feel like I owe so many thank you’s to the people at instagram for creating a platform where they have brought me 30 thousand people who are obsessed and love Sew Sketchy! ss-5

Q. Do you have a favorite celebrity that you have sketched?

A. My favorite person to sketch is Anna Dello Russo. She literally has the most outrageously gorgeous outfits that are so incredibly inspiring to recreate. I hope one day I will be able to see her fashion closet that she keeps at a controlled room temperature. And to of course, eventually have an equally fabulous wardrobe. ss-3

Q. When did you start Sew Sketchy?

A. I went to Parsons New School of Design and majored in fashion design for four years. Sew Sketchy was born while I was at Parsons, and became my muse, or as Parsons likes to call our “Croquis”. I can draw her with my eyes closed. She’s definitely gotten a few face lifts, and lost some weight since then! ss-7

Q. When did you turn Sew Sketchy into a brand?

A. I started an instagram account for her two years ago, with out the intention of making her into a brand, as I am originally and forever will be a fashion designer. I didn’t even know sketching could be a career, I’m used to sketching something and then actually creating it, producing it, and then selling it! 

For now however, I have been able to grow my brand and create a full time job out of her, by collaborating with brands to feature her on their instagram, websites, email marketing, product, advertising, and the list goes on! It’s still a surprise to me how much people love Sew Sketchy, and how far I can go with this! ss-9

Q.  What’s in the future for Sew Sketchy?

A. I am in the process of slowly growing Sew Sketchy into a full fledged brand! I’m going to create coffee table books, coloring books, clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Eventually I will create an E-commerce shop selling limited edition prints as my fans keep asking me where they can buy Sew Sketchy.  (Sorry guys! I’m still working on this!) The main goal is Sew Sketchy world domination! ss-10

Q. Where do you get most of your inspiration for your designs?

A. I was born and raised in New York City into a world of glamour. My mother is my biggest inspiration, she is the most fabulous woman on the planet and she taught me what style and individuality truly means. It’s because of her that I am cursed with expensive taste. I am inspired by pure glamour. Whether it’s the haute couture runway shows, the windows at Bergdorfs, or the people in Cannes, I am inspired by all things Fabulous! ss-11

Q. How has the popularity of your brand changed your life?

A. I didn’t think the popularity of my brand changed anything, until one day when my cousin texted me a selfie of him and this random college student on an airplane, saying that she did an entire presentation on Sew Sketchy for her class and couldn’t believe she was sitting next to Sew Sketchy’s cousin! Ever since, I’m seeing more and more fans drawing Sew Sketchy, or @ing her when they see something they think she would like! It’s really the most incredible feeling to have started this tiny fashion movement and seeing the way people respond to it. ss-12

Q. What is your favorite design you have sketched?

A. This question reminds me of when I ask my mother who her favorite child is, she can never choose just one. ss-13

Q. What advice do you have for young artists? 

A. 1.Discover what truly makes you happy and what your passion is. Once you’ve figured out your passion, hold on to it so tight as if it were a part of you, and never, ever,  let some one rip it out of your hands. The power of passion, and showing how much you love something, is in infectious and inspiring to others around you.

2. Don’t be afraid to say No. Listen to your intuition and stay true to yourself. If something is not on brand for you, then you must speak up!

3. Never let some one tell you what you can or cannot do. You define that for yourself. 

4. Believe in yourself. Because it all starts with YOU. ss-14

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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