Attention everyone, I’m here to tell you that you indeed can have the best of both worlds this Thanksgiving! While most of us may try to dress cute, it may be difficult to eat all of that delicious thanksgiving food if you’re wearing uncomfortable clothes. While Thanksgiving is the best holiday to fill your face will traditional family recipes, I’m here to tell you that you can eat to your hearts content and still dress to impress. So to make your Thanksgiving a little less tight and a lot more stylish, we have broken down everything you need to stay on top of your Thanksgiving fashion.

The staple of your outfit for Thanksgiving, in order to stay comfortable, should be a flowy dress. There are a variety of colors to match the season, whether it be a maroon, army green, beige, black, or burnt orange, this can be the background of your outfit that is cute and comfortable.

Now, in order to add some pizzazz to the ensemble, I have one key word for you. Accessorize. Layering jackets and scarves are an easy way to add texture to the outfit with different designs. In addition, adding statement earrings or a necklace can bring attention to a fashionable piece of jewelry. Then, to stay warm and still comfy, it is good to get thermal stretchy leggings or tights, and add a pair of booties overtop. Faux snakeskin or velvet boots are all the rage this fall, so those would be a wonderful pairing to the dress and tights.

The main aspect of your outfit should be layering, with the basic comfortable dress underneath. This way, you are able to maintain comfortable while still looking bomb for the entire family to see, and it’s a good way to prove that you seem like you have your life together (whether you do or not). Now, you can go enjoy that extra slice of pumpkin pie and extra scoop of stuffing without remorse!

*Lauren Firks

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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