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For those of you who didn’t watch the show and somehow still don’t know, you can either stop reading now and watch it or suck it up and let the social media brigade ruin it for you: he chose Lauren B. All I have to say is I am pissed.

It’s Ben a great season and it’s not over yet! Don’t miss #TheBachelor finale tomorrow night!

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I swear it was JoJo. From Day 1 I thought it was JoJo. Everything I thought about love is now shot in the dark. I guess there is a plus side: she was named The Bachelorette, so now we have a real reason to continue watching the series (round four of these reviews am I right anyone?) But let’s recap the episode to try to figure out for ourselves what went wrong… Basically, the most important part of the entire episode was the girls meeting mom and dad. Lauren went first and you could tell her “meet the parents” was very picture perfect and magazine like.. Almost to the point of it being uncomfortable, which I guess is something Ben likes?

And then the next day comes and it’s JoJo, where things are flowing and fun and they are non stop touching and you can tell Ben’s parents like her more (ABC even posted a clip of Ben’s mom talking about how she picked JoJo, but has since taken it down since Ben didn’t freaking pick her). From that indication alone it seemed like JoJo was the right pick. But Ben was still “confused.”

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Split screen to their last one on one date. Ben spent all of his date with Lauren unfocused and bothered by his decision. He didn’t feel comfortable talking to her about it. He even questioned if they can handle having tough times together. On the other hand, he told JoJo everything when he got into his own head, and she even called him out on the fact that he loved Lauren too and he didn’t deny it. He laid it all out and she stuck by him. Another indicator that made it seem like JoJo was going to win. Yet Ben left still “confused.”

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When picking the rings, he talked about the aspects of the two girls he liked, and the way he talked about JoJo was as if she was the CLEAR CUT WINNER. “She’s always been by my side through the tough times and the best times, she makes me feel safe, I can be my true self.” And then there’s “but with Lauren there was this instant connection.” Honestly I know we’ve said we were team JoJo but there were so many JoJo signs even if we were Team Lauren (and there’s nothing against the girl either she’s awesome).

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And the next Bachelorette is…


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Anddddddd everybody knows the first girl out of the helicopter is the loser and my heart just sunk when I saw that pink dress drop and her poor heart break when she was sent home. Ben, you goofed. But hey, since she’s now The Bachelorette, when this fails give me a call 😉
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