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Okay #FTcrew, please tell me I am not the only one that had that reaction when sitting down, turning on my computer to Hulu, when the Women Tell All episode starts and BAM THERE’S THE CHICKEN. I completely forgot she existed. There was also a few others sitting in those chairs that I was like what¿?¿, but it was mainly the chicken enthusiast (whose name none of us know) that really was the icing on the cake to this great Women Tell All.

Don’t chicken out. The women return to spill EVERYTHING on #WomenTellAll tonight!

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Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the real drama: Why wasn’t I invited to the live viewing party? No big Chris Harrison, I guess because I’m living in Europe now so my invite was lost in the mail. I guess it’s forgiven! But enough about me, the REAL drama isn’t about that. Let’s talk about Olivia. Or Jubilee. Or Leah. Where can we begin? These girls went at each other like vultures and honestly, I thought they were all such great friends… First off, let’s begin with Amber and Jami JUMPING down Jubilee’s throat for making a comment that offended them racially. Girls, we understand that happens. However, thank you for waiting until the Women Tell All to bring it up, because your 10 minutes of fame were over and you felt like you needed to drag it out even further to try to prove a point, rather than talk about that with her privately.

These bombshells are back for Women Tell All on Monday!

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Second, Leah. The fact that you were blaming other people for making you uncomfortable when you needed to come clean to Lauren B about if you sold her out to Ben, made us LAUGH so hard over here! How is that even something you can blame someone else for? You did it. It’s your fault. Take the blame. Stop. You’re done. Go home. You’re already home but go home again. Ben should invite you back just to send you home again that’s how bad you speaking on the special was.

Third, Jubilee. Why did everyone feel the need to gang up on you. In the beginning, we could see why you pulling away was frustrating, but you were just internalizing your feelings about the show and how you were reacting rather than expressing it on camera with mascara running down your face like everyone else! Also, when Chris Harrison said “you can’t help but hide your complicated side,” I wish there was a way to slap someone! There is nothing wrong with being complicated. If only Ben could send home Chris…

Catch up with these beauties next Monday on Women Tell All! #TheBachelor #WCW

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Fourth, Olivia. That girl really got it baaaaad. She couldn’t even get a word in. The twins from start to finish just let it rip (and did you see that twin telepathy when they shut down Leah trying to shut them down -GOLD). At least she can acknowledge that the mouth thing is funny. Just a quick statement on Caila. We feel for ya, girl. We’d still be in love with Ben too. He’s hot as can be and did you see him running shirtless in that promo video they played? Like, clearly they’re trying to help you get over him. Now, when Ben comes out. The only thing that matters is he says, “I could marry that girl tomorrow.” WHICH GIRL BEN??? I just want to point out that we have been Team JoJo since LITERALLY DAY 1 and we are sticking to it and we think she is the winner hands down! JoJo and Ben 5ever not 4ever because 5 is bigger and better than 4, ya feel me?

It’s Ben a great season and it’s not over yet! Don’t miss #TheBachelor finale tomorrow night!

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*Also I think that “mysterious” phone call is to his mom*

Tune in tonight to really find out!!
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