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We all know I am all about the glam… but there is no use in having tons of makeup and jewelry if you can never find any of it. Let’s be honest, if you don’t see something, you won’t use it or wear it. Jessica Karaski is the creator of GLAMboxes aka the most glamorous way to organize all your jewelry and beauty products… oh yeah, and all the celebs use GLAMboxes too!

Glam-2-SQUARE-TEMPQ. Who is Jessica Karasik?

A. A beauty and fashion junkie who loves anything and everything GLAM!  I’ve worked in the cosmetic medical field for 15 plus years and have always been passionate about cosmetics, beauty and most of all organization!

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Q. What are GLAMboxes?

A. Glamboxes are luxurious high-end lucite acrylic organizers that will change your life! They are a glamorous way to organize, store and display all of your gorgeous jewelry and beauty products. With all of your items visible and organized, searching for that necklace or lipstick that you know you have somewhere will no longer slow you down. You will have all of your beauty products and jewelry at your fingertips, and might even feel like you’re shopping all over again!

Glam-3-SQUARE-TEMPQ. Why did you create GLAMboxes?

A. I actually created GLAMboxes 10 years ago when I moved to NYC with my husband.  I was coming from Texas with lots of closet and storage space and moving into a tiny space in the city!  I had a custom box made for me that I designed for jewelry and makeup so that I could see everything I had, so that things wouldn’t just be stuffed away in a drawer that I would never remember to go back to!

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 6.12.40 AMQ. When did GLAMboxes start to grow?

A. GLAMboxes, the company was born in 2013 and grew and expanded quite quickly.  I decided I wanted to have more products than just the makeup boxes.  I wanted it to be a lifestyle organizational brand and have a full line of products to choose from depending on the consumer.

Glam-men-SQUARE-TEMPQ. Why go clear and not colored?

A. The idea behind having the GLAMboxes in a clear acrylic lucite is to be able to see everything you have….”If you don’t see it, you won’t use it!”

Glam-jewel-SQUARE-TEMPQ. Who uses GLAMboxes ?

A. Tons of celebrities: Shay Mitchell, Maria Menunous, Arianna Grande, Bittany Gastineau, Kali Hawk, Olivia Culpo, the E! news Makeup department, Catt Sadler, Kyle Richards, Jen Atkin, Mary Phillips, Bachelorette Catherine Giuduci Lower, Bachelorette Ashley Frazier…

Glam-ring-new-SQUARE-TEMPQ. Where have we seen GLAMboxes?

A. All over media: New York Live, Good Day LA, Allure, US weekly, OK! Magazine, Pop Sugar, The Zoe Report, Bello Magazine, Beauty World News, Latina Magazine…

Glam-ring-new-new-SQUARE-TEMPQ. Where do you see your company going in the next five years?

A. I hope to see the company continue to grow and expand!

Glam-ring-new--SQUARE-TEMPQ. Where can we buy GLAMboxes?

A. You can purchase them on our website glamboxes.com

glam-websiteRECTANGLE-TEMPQ. After starting your own business, what is one piece of entrepreneurial advice you would give?

A. Follow and fight for what you’re passionate about, loving what you do makes all the difference in the world. It’s not going to be easy but the reward is SO worth it!

Glam-ring-last--SQUARE-TEMPWant to get all your glam organized with your very own GLAMboxes ring holder!?!? Head over to the ‘Contact’ page, fill out the form with your info, and you may win a GLAMboxes ring holder!

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