San Francisco. 2006. Girlboss starts with our fashionable underdog Sophia Marlowe (aka the OG #girlboss) blasting music in her beat up car and signing along to every word. You can practically feel the good vibes radiating through your screen. That is, until her car breaks down. But, like the girlboss that she is, it doesn’t seem to faze Sophia. She proves to us that she is a tiny force to be reckoned with. In her cutoff shorts and high-heeled boots, she gets out and begins the uphill battle (literally) of pushing her car to the nearest gas station. As if Sophia’s confidence is infectious, you find yourself sitting up a little taller too. You feel empowered and unstoppable, just like Sophia. And you’re only five minutes in!

The first scene sets the tone for Girlboss with Sophia’s fierce willpower. Based on Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography #GIRLBOSS, the Netflix show portrays a “real loose” retelling of her life. While there are definitely highs and lows, she will make Nasty Gal a success. So how did Sophia turn thrifting into a multi-million dollar fashion company. By fixing up those thrifted clothes and selling them on eBay to the highest bidder. And, of course, by being a #girlboss.

I know what my customers want 👌✨

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Why Watch?

We all know what uncertainty feels like. Which is why it is so empowering to watch a young character who is full of certainty. Sophia hustles her way to the top because she knows what she wants. While she may not know exactly how to get there, there is no doubt that she will get there.

However, the road to her fashion empire is not always easy. When obstacles appear nearly everywhere and you start to lose hope, it only seems to fuel Sophia more. After a major bump in the road Sophia gives us this iconic line: “I’ll start my own site. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t, but it’ll be mine.” The ultimate girlboss shows us that we can take charge of who we are and what we want. Whether it results in success or failure, Sophia empowers us to go for it.


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Where Is Nasty Gal Now?

Nasty Gal was recently purchased by Boohoo, a British company. The sale comes after Sophia made the tough decision to file bankruptcy. She said it is “the most responsible decision for the business,” proving to fans just how much she loves Nasty Gal. Boohoo is now working to revamp their brands together and Nasty Gal’s name recognition will hopefully help Boohoo break into the US. Most importantly, Nasty Gal’s fabulous brand and legacy will live on for both old and new fans to love.

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